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Model UN

Moderated Caucusing

The moderated caucus is a new addition to CAHSMUN. In this type of caucus, the committee focuses on a specific facet of the topic at hand for a detailed discussion. The motion for these caucuses will delineate the overall time, speaker's time, and subject of the caucus. There is no speaker's list, and delegates will raise placards to be called upon in order to speak. The moderated caucus is useful to focus the committee on a specific subtopic for consideration.

How to Motion for a Moderated Caucus

  • During formal debate, any delegate can request a moderated caucus by making the following motion:"(Member State) moves for a suspension of the meeting for the purpose of a ___ minute moderated caucus, with a speaker's time of ____, discussing ___."

  • Example: Spain moves for a suspension of the meeting for the purpose of a 20 minute moderated caucus, with a speaker's time of 45 seconds, discussing financing for draft resolution 1.1

  • Remember, you must include (1) total length of time; (2) speakers time; and (3) topic for discussion for every moderated caucus motion.

  • Once the dais accepts the motion, a vote will be taken and a simple majority is required for the motion to pass

  • Motions for suspension of the meeting are not applicable during voting procedures

Things to remember and consider

  • If the motion for moderated caucus passes, the chair will ask the delegation that made the motion if they reserve the right to speak first. Delegations may reserve this right, or refuse.

  • If the motion for moderated caucus fails, the committee may move back into formal debate, or continue voting on motions that are still on the floor.

  • Unmoderated caucuses take precedence over moderated caucuses

  • Moderated caucuses remain on the table for voting once a different moderated caucus or an unmoderated caucus has expired.

  • Make sure to clearly define your topic for consideration in the moderated caucus. Get a feel of the committee with regards to the topic of moderated caucus, giving you an idea of how specific to make the topic.

  • If delegates are not raising their placards to speak, the chair may use their discretion to end the moderated caucus prior to the end of the stated time.