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Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration

Our Mission

The Mission of the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration is to prepare students for advancing their professional and academic careers in public and private sectors by instructing them in the fundamental concepts, analytical skills, and leadership qualities that are essential for success in their field.

It is the purpose of the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration is to prepare the student for a life of citizenship and professionalism. Towards this end, the department offers the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Public Administration programs, leading to their corresponding degrees. Further, the department serves this end through the availability of several program options and appropriate courses. The latter are designed to provide both a needed body of information as well as the opportunity to develop such crucial tools as critical thinking. 

The faculty teaching the department courses are fully qualified, holding PhD or JD degrees from various and recognized institutions, and commanding different areas of specialization. Finally, it is to be noted that the department keeps abreast of new developments through professional activities appropriate to the discipline, and that it checks on the relevancy and adequacy of its offerings through the feedback received from its graduates, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Based on the successful track record of these graduates, the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration takes pride in its contribution to the success of its students and to the life of this university.

The graduate program section has information on the Master of Public Administration degree. A political science degree is a pathway to law school, graduate school, or employment with government agencies or private sector organizations (businesses, interest groups, research organizations). While no specific undergraduate major is required for law school, the political science program addresses the communication skills, critical understanding of institutions, behaviors and values, and analytical thinking recommended for the study of law. The Department also offers a Legal Studies Minor.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide knowledge and experience in the disciplines of Political Science, Philosophy, and Public Administration.
  • Foster students' abilities in critical and independent thinking, problem solving, effective oral and written communication, and working in diverse environments.
  • Assist students' career advancement and life-long education.
  • Contribute to the regional community—the metropolitan areas of Columbus, GA-AL—as well as state, national and international communities by stimulating political and civic engagement.