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Model UN

Model UN


Effective delegates possess the skills to communicate and compromise. The work of the United Nations is a collaboration of different viewpoints and policies; however, most all resolutions passed by the bodies are by consensus. There are several keys to working successfully in your committee:

Research: Topics at CAHSMUN are ever-changing issues facing our global society, and as such, research on these topics often update from when Position Papers are submitted. Delegates are reminded that Conference Services provides free internet to provide current research; however, developments on the topics are suspended once Opening Ceremonies begins.

Home Government is a service provided to all delegates looking to get a more in-depth understanding of a particular idea or issue. Student and faculty advisors from CSU volunteer to serve in this position.

Caucusing allows the free flow of ideas and conversation. Outside of the unmoderated and moderated caucus time in sessions, delegates can initiate these conversations over breaks. Please review the unmoderated caucusing on the prior page.

Moderated caucuses allow delegates to have a rapid exchange of ideas in a more formal setting. The caucus works like a conversation, with the Chair facilitating the debate, and no speaker's list.