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Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration

Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration

Student Political Awareness Association

Welcome to the Student Political Awareness Association

Picture of capitol building and flag.The Student Political Awareness Association (SPAA) was founded in the fall of 1998 by students of the Department of Political Science at CSU. The association is open to political science students as well as to non-political science students, to undergraduates as well as to graduate students.

The intent of this non-partisan organization is two-fold:

  • to foster awareness about issues present in the political arena and relevant especially to the student body, but also to society at large. In pursuit of this objective, the SPAA organizes formal debates, brings in speakers and otherwise tries to focus on issues and events that matter.
  • to engage in service activities that enhance the quality of life on campus and in the community.

    Some projects that are either planned or that already engage the members of the SPAA are:
    • child safety finger printing
    • public information forums with the League of Women Voters
    • voter registration drives

Officers for the academic year 2019-2020 are as follows:SPAA Logo

President Mercedes Dickerson
Vice President Lily Barlow
Public Relations Shawn Gatewood
Secretary Tamia Nelson
Recruitment Officer Ashley Goodwin
Undersecretary of the Treasury Louisa Tovar
Advisor Dr. Okura

SPAA Bylaws

SPAA invites any CSU student to
join this group and light a candle
...rather than curse the darkness

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