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Model UN

Model UN


Unmoderated caucusing is an essential part of your committee experience. These intermittent breaks from formal debate, allow delegates the freedom to move about the committee room and discuss the topic at hand with their fellow delegates. During unmoderated caucuses, you will collaborate and negotiate with the other committee members to create working papers that will move toward becoming draft resolutions.


  • During formal debate, any delegate can request a unmoderated caucus by motioning for the "suspension of the meeting for an unmoderated caucus"

  • A delegate must also state the length of time that you want the caucus to last. For example:  "Nigeria motions for a suspension of the meeting for the purpose of an unmoderated caucus for a period of 20 minutes."

  • Once the dais accepts the motion, a vote will be taken and a simple majority is required for the motion to pass 

  • Motions for suspension of the meeting are not applicable during voting procedures.


  Discuss Past resolutions, sub topics, data, charts, maps, etc are valuable keys to creating solid resolutions and will be very helpful to your fellow delegates. Offer these items during your discussions.
  Invite Ask other members of your regional block to join you in discussion
  Plan Choose which ideas are most important and which ones have room for negotiation
  Listen Allowing other delegates to speak will add to the discussion and help flesh out possible solutions.
  One on One Incorporate individuals that you may not have heard from and get their opinions on the issues.
  Mind the time Stay focused on the topic and the discussions that will truly create a phenomenal resolution
  Ask questions If you disagree with another delegate, calmly ask questions that will help you better understand their position. Find out if there is any common ground and focus on ideas that you can agree on.
 Connect Establish great relationships by learning your fellow delegate's names, and more about their ideas.
  Yes The ultimate goal is a resolution that the committee will vote on. Keep that in mind by respecting other delegates to the fullest during your negotiations.