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Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration

Career Options

Political Science Career Options

  1. Policy Analyst: The role of the policy analyst is to observe the political world and to study new legislation being developed. Data collection and good oral and written communication skills are essential in this field. Because there are so many different areas of specialization with public policy, a policy analyst would typically choose to focus on one specific area of choice (for example Immigration, Health Policy or Environmental Policy). They can work in government or for private corporations. The average national salary for a policy analyst is $63,000.00 to $122,000.00.
  2. Legislative Assistant/Legislative Aide: The role of the legislative assistant is to provide support to members of Congress in areas such as public relations, administration and public communication. A legislative assistant must be well versed in the legislative process as they often serve as assistant and advisor in their specific areas of expertise. Some job duties may include travel and scheduling, attending meetings, monitoring legislation of specific interest to their district, and working with the press. The average national salary for a legislative assistant is $44,000.00 to $77,000.00.
  3. Political Consultant: The role of a political consultant is to assist their clients to adjust their policies according to updates in legislation. Political consultants are constantly reviewing legislation that may affect their clients and creating impact reports to give them a picture of what changes they will need to make within their company. The average national salary for a political consultant is $71,800.00 to $136,770.00.
  4. Attorney: The role of an attorney is to advise clients in legal matters, create legal documents and contracts, and represent their clients in court, if necessary. From family law to immigration law to criminal law, depending on what type of law you decide to practice, your duties as an attorney will differ. Attorneys require effective written and verbal communication skills as well as the ability to think analytically and critically. The average national salary for an attorney is $36,000.00 to $165,000.00.
  5. Marketing Research Analyst: The role of a marketing research analyst is to collect and analyze data specific to a certain product, or products, in order to determine the best way to promote it and gain customers. This field requires knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research as well as knowledge in establishing and managing a marketing budget for a particular client. Creative design is also an aspect of this career choice. The average national salary for a marketing research analyst is $56,000.00 to $122,000.00.

Liberal Arts Career Options

  1. Economists: Economists conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts on a wide variety of issues, including energy costs, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, business cycles, taxes, and employment levels. They also gather data to forecast past, present and future trends for a business. Their annual salaries vary from $43,521 - $133,240.
  2. Sociologists: Sociologists study social groups, cultures, institutions, and organizations. They also conduct research ethnographies, and examine the origins, behaviors and interactions of a social group for in-depth analysis of economic, political or religious insights. Most sociological research helps to formulate social policies. Their annual salaries vary from $55,000 to $97,000.
  3. Psychologists: Psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. They can be categorized as clinical, or research, psychologist. Research psychologist study the behavioral patterns of humans or animals, through testing, procedures and analysis of scientific outcomes toward development of evidence based practice models of treatment. Their annual salaries vary from $67,000 to $90,000.
  4. Public Relations (PR) Specialists: PR Specialists are responsible for the brand identity or celebrity of a clients. They work on behalf of clients or organizations with reporters or the media to increase popularity and performance of a communications strategy. They are also held accountable for promoting a client’s image by way of multi-scale marketing strategies and professional public relations campaigns. Their annual salaries vary from $40,000 to $73,000.
  5. Teacher/Professor: Teachers educate students in the following areas: Arts, Language, Sciences, Special Education, and Social sciences. Graduate level teachers candidates receive higher compensation due to institutional ranking. Their annual salaries vary from $47,000 to $52,000.

Public Administration Career Options

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Chief executives are at the top of the private sector. They are leaders of large private organizations. CEOs are typically found in the private sector rather than that of the public sector or nonprofit organizations. They are responsible for the everyday operations of a company. CEOS also provide the company with strategic ways for reaching company goals and objectives. They typically oversee the hiring decisions and are also responsible for ALL employees within the company. Their annual salary can be $185,850 - $229,000+ depending on the size and profit margins of a company.
  2. Financial Managers: Financial managers are responsible for monitoring the overall financial health and planning of the organizations in which they work. Financial managers plan and organize financial decisions that can have a direct impact on how well a business performs. Their annual salary can be n $77,000 - $138,000.
  3. Medical Health/Service Manager: Medical/Health Service Managers oversee staff, plan effective policies, and coordinate healthcare services. They can also oversee operations for an entire hospital. Their annual salary can be $92,000 - $150,000 depending on the size of the organization.
  4. Human Resource Manager: Human Resource Managers are responsible for managing pay and benefits for employees. They also assist in strategic planning for better business practices overall, and deal with both intra company employees and business clients. Their annual salary can be $52,000 - $104,440 depending on the size of the company.
  5. City Manager: A city manager works toward improving city government performance and helps achieve higher levels of success and efficiency within city governments. City managers also manage the operations and budgets of governmental, serve as the chief liaisons between elected officials and the members of the public, and attend city council meetings and issue reports on policy, budget and other public information to citizens. Their annual salary can be 50,189 - $159,377 depending on the size of the governing city.